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6ish-10PM, Backyard Grill, Chantilly, VA


Paul Jackson

Bass, lead and rhythm guitars, and vocals. Paul has played In Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland venues on and off for over twenty years. Writes and records originals, such as Dancing with the Man, Tears, Too Many Times, Dolly Sods and more. Paul loves to camp, and especially likes the Dolly Sods area of West Virginia. This would be the inspiration to the song of the same name as well as the eventual selection of the name of the band. After semi retiring from the scene in the late 80's Paul returned briefly in the 90's with a group called Swinging Richard and the Washboard Band.

After another "retirement" he formed "You Three Guys" (a name coined by the owner of The Bangkok Blues club) with his old pal Matt. They went right to work on original songs and soon decided they needed some help on guitar. After some really "interesting" tryouts they got word that Jeff "The G Man" was available and quickly gave him a call. It was not long before they decided that this was a really good little band, so we decided to hit the road and do our thing one more time.

Dolly Sodds has played numerous private parties (their favorite gig) and local clubs such as Sweethearts in Chantilly, Fat Tuesday in Fairfax, the Firkin and Hound in South Riding, and the Backyard Grill in Chantilly. They have also provided musical entertainment for local running road races for Potomac River Running at the the Reston Town Center.

Matt Murray

Lead, rhythm and bass guitar, lead and background vocals, alto saxophone, and mandolin. Oh, and a damn mean cowbell. (MORE COWBELL!) Has played classic rock in Northern Virginia venues off and on for more than 25 years with former high school classmate and Shoe Town co-worker, Paul Jackson. After graduating from William and Mary in 1983, he reunited with Paul and was invited to join the band that morphed into Pressed Rat & Warthog. (Occasional sightings of that band's unique t-shirt are still reported!) Matt wrote and recorded one of the band's most often played original songs, "Goodbye."

After a ten-year sabbatical devoted to raising a family, he re-emerged with a guitar (or two) in hand. Matt primarily plays his cherry wood 1973 SG, but will occasionally flash his "practice guitar"--a yellow top Les Paul. His nickname, Eleven Fingers, we will leave to your imagination. When not absorbed in his musical trance, "Coach " Murray can often be found at a cross country or track meet, a sport he has been involved with since he bought that '73 SG as a brand new toy.

Past bands include Pressed Rat & Warthog, Axis, and The Washboard Band. Eclectic musical influences include Elvis Costello, REM, and CSNY.

Franco Falvo

Drums, lead and background vocals. Franco has played with Matt and Paul in several bands since their high school days at Falls Church High School. He belts out lead vocals on "Traveling Band," one of the band's huge crowd-pleasers. When he's not behind the set, "Coach Falvo" can often be found on the soccer pitch, still showing off some of those skills from his scholarship years at American University and George Mason University.

William Cowan

Lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica.

Dan Lowry

Lead guitar and vocals.

Guest Musicians
Jeff Fratter

A long-time member of Dolly Sodds, Jeff relocated to Richmond. Jeff will remain a part of our acoustic shows when he can.  Rhythm, lead/bass guitar and mandolin. As a teenager, Jeff played in garage bands in northern New Jersey and upstate New York, playing 1960's rock'n roll songs when they were first released and not yet known as classics! Jeff joined Dolly Sodds in 2004 after not picking up an electric guitar for many years. That summer, he got his AARP card and his first Gibson guitar, and a few weeks later was auditioning with "You Three Guys." Since that summer, Jeff continues to enjoy the ride with Dolly Sodds, revisiting and appreciating the best of classic rock as well as more contemporary songs. Jeff enjoys all types of music, sports, biking and dreams of quitting his day job to focus more on music - and pick-up some more guitar gear.

Adam Pressman

After several years with Dolly Sodds, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pressman, is on indefinite leave trekking the USA. We hope he will pop in from time to time. Since playing in Hollywood for money for college, Adam's been in and out of the professional music business for three decades. Besides having a blast with Dolly Sodds, Adam is yet another coach; for musicians and other performing artists to ensure they achieve more, work less, and celebrate often.